Custom EZ-Cases

The perfect case for every gun

Custom made mousse for your pistol, revolver or gun. This mousse ensures that everything is neatly stored in your case. This way, your gun is always fixed in your case and it can't get damaged. An extra advantage is that you can really customise your case. Do you have an extra set of loaders, just adde them to your design. You will be able to store everything perfectly in one case.

The mousse is completely custom made and can be customised to everybody's wishes. Please look below for a few examples.

Do you want some extra information or do you want to start your own project? Then head to the contact page and send us a message. It can take up to 5 working days to create a quote for your custom case. The more information you send to use the sooner and more detailed we can create our quote.

Do not forget the following information:

  • A picture of your gun
  • The type of your gun
  • The number of loaders you want to add
  • Other things you want to add to the case
  • An initial design for your case (optional, we will help you if needed)

If wanted you can combine your custom mousse with one of the cases offered by For all available case and sizes please visit the cases collection.

We will need your gun when starting with the actual production of your mousse. If you have your own case we will need this as well. This way we can create the perfect case for your gun.

Please be aware that you always have to conduct the law, also when you are bringing the gun to


Not only guns

We can actually create cases for all opportunities and not only for guns. So if you need a case, just contact us! See here a few examples of custom case that we created for an salesman selling luxury lights.