Knight-Case MAX-004

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Custom made foam in combination with the MAX004 case.

Create your own custom case, 1 or 2 magazines in combination with your gun. Maybe some room for ammunition, everything is possible. 

In case you own a Glock 17/19 then we already have a pre-designed case for you. Please take a look at our EZ-Case Glock 17/19. If you want a different design though, we can still make it for you.


Once you made your order, we will contact you. Together with you we will create a design and define the total price for the case. Once you are happy with the design you pay. After we received the payment we will create the custom case and we can send it to you.

The price you see here is a target price and can be different if your design is more or less complicated as the pictures included on this page.


  • Size: 316 x 195 x 80 mm

We can create case for all occasions, see EZ-Case MAX-800 for some examples.