Birchwood Casey Shotgun Cleaning kit

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  • A clean firearm is a safe and accurate one. Keep your valuable equipment functioning at peak performance with Birchwood Casey’s Universal Gun Cleaning Kits.
  • Includes - All supplies in each portable cleaning kit are USA made and Includes rod sections, patch pullers, patches, handle, various bronze brushes, and a silicone gun and reel cloth.
  • Handle - Birchwood Casey’s Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit contains a double axis cleaning Handle, allowing the user to choose between swivel or fixed action gun cleaning!
  • Gauges - one brass patch puller, one shotgun adapter, one 20 ga bronze brush, one 12 ga bronze brush.
  • Extra - Birchwood Casey’s Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit tubular shape of the holding tube makes it convenient for carrying to and from the shooting range or out hunting!